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Dr. Scott's Approach

Dr. Scott focuses her practice solely on the special needs and issues faced by children, adolescents, and young adults (pre-k through college). She identifies learning and behavioral strengths and challenges, develops appropriate interventions, and helps families obtain needed services. Dr. Scott also has experience working within the public school system, so she understands the referral and evaluation process as well as schools’ expectations of student performance.

Approach to Learning Issues

Dr. Scott begins with an in-depth assessment aimed at developing a comprehensive profile of your child's strengths, challenges, and interests. These analyses include functions of the brain that affect learning and performance including memory, language, attention, and the ability to organize information. Using this information, Dr. Scott helps you and your child understand how he or she learns. She also develops appropriate interventions that are understandable to parents, teachers, and physicians.

Approach to Behavioral Concerns

Dr. Scott uses a similar approach for behavioral concerns at home and school. She works to identify the causes of these concerns and recommends proven intervention strategies. These “user friendly” strategies provide parents and teachers with proactive ways to minimize problematic behaviors. Her interventions have helped with such issues as attention problems (ADD/ADHD), defiance, depression, and anxiety.

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