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Costs for Evaluations

Although an evaluation may seem expensive, it is perhaps one of the most important investments you can make in your child's academic life. By the end of the process, you will know detailed information about your child's strengths and challenges, and you will have practical suggestions on how to help your child at home and at school. You will also facilitate a significant part of the process to enable your school system or pediatrician to implement any necessary actions to help your child.

Dr. Scott's fees cover the following:

  • Testing and/or consultation sessions
  • Administration of necessary intellectual, processing, achievement, and/or related evaluation measures
  • Interviews with parents, child, and/or teacher(s) (as needed)
  • Comprehensive report with test results, interpretation, and recommendations
  • Report conference in office to discuss evaluation results

Typical Fees

Dr. Scott's fees are the sole responsibility of the child's family. She does not bill insurance companies for evaluation costs. However, her fees may be considered a flexible spending-appropriate medical expense. You may wish to check with your employer for information regarding your flexible spending account (FSA).

Paying for Services

Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card. If necessary, a return check fee for the amount of the check plus a return check charge of $25 will be applied to your account. If any payment required to be made is not made within 60 days of becoming due, interest will accrue on the unpaid amount from that date forward at the highest rate allowable by law and the patient will be obligated to pay all costs of collection, including a reasonable attorney fees.

Billing for consultation services, outside report review, research, school-based meetings, travel costs, workshops, additional meetings beyond the report conference, and other services are billed at Dr. Scott's standard hourly rate ($125/hour). Payment is due upon service.

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